Wenting Xue


2012.10-2016.07 Graduated from Shanxi Medical University with a major in pharmacy;
Currently I am majoring in pharmaceutical analysis in Shanxi Medical University.

In my college years, I have won the scholarship many times, as well as "style of study construction advanced individual" title;
In 2016-2017, won the national first-class scholarship;
In 2016-2017, obtained the title of "three good student".


As a master of medicine analysis, I have been deeply impressed by the "nano" since I came to the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, and produced a keen interest in it as well. At present, my research field is the functional assembly and interaction of DNA and inorganic nanomaterials. Although there are still a lot of shortcomings, but I believe, I can complete my research work commendably, so then improve my scientificliteracy and improve my scientific research ability under the teacher and fellow senior students’ help.