Chang Liu

2012.09-2016.07 Bachelor of Engineering, Applied chemistry, School of Shenyang University of Chemical Technology  
2016.09-Present Current Master Students, Pharmaceutics, Yan Tai University  

Obtained comprehensive scholarships and "merit student" in school


  1. Y. Yu, N. Chu, X. Y. Li, N. Song, C. Liu, L. N. Yu, B. Li, C. Wang, Z. G. Zhao, Y. N. Zhao, Y. G. Sheng, and C. S. Wang. Synthesis, Characterization and Gelation Mechanism of L-Phenylalanine-Based Dihydrazide Derivative as Excellent Gelator. Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2017, 11 (1) :121-128.
  2. 陈大全, 董雪, 刘畅, 于月明, 赵烽, 孙考祥, 刘万卉, 吴子梅. 含薄荷缩酮的脂质体pH敏感性修饰剂以及紫杉醇-姜黄素复方脂质体制剂[P].中国发明专利: CN201610257042.2, 2016-09-21

Adventurous and adventurous, love life and volunteer for social services.